Vocal Assistants

Alexa Skills and Google Actions Development

Promote your products and simplify the daily actions of users and employees with voice assistants

The market of voice assistants is in continuous and rapid growth also in Italy. Thanks to them, the way in which users search for information, products and services and how companies organise their internal work is changing.

A voice command is all it takes to find out the weather, book a table at a favourite restaurant, turn on the lights at home or, within the company, facilitate tasks such as booking a meeting room, interacting with the management or CRM.

Both of the major players on the market today, Alexa by Amazon and Google Assistant, offer a set of capabilities developed by third parties to enhance and improve the services offered. These are called Skill for Alexa and Action for Google and are the equivalent of mobile apps. To access them, just ask a question: voice recognition connects the request with the most relevant skill and activates it.

Metide accompanies companies in this process through a preliminary analysis that defines the type of Skill / Action best suited for business purposes, and then develops it with these features:


Designed and developed to meet the specific needs of each company


Works in the language of each market relevant to the company


Integrated with external data sources (database, e-commerce, company management, etc.)


Made available to users through publication on the Skill Store or Assistant Directory

Given the growing importance and use of voice-activated technologies, companies can conquer a space in this dimension by offering both B2B and B2C users a Skill or Action that facilitates the use, interaction or knowledge of their product or service.

The range of services involved is countless:


Receive suggestions of recipes that can be made with ingredients available at home, know which films are listed for TV, know the status of a shipment or the availability of stock of a particular product.


Get to know the events of the last hour, know what the weather will be tomorrow, receive updates on the results of your favourite team, etc.


Know the horoscope of the day, listen to music and sounds, answer questions in a quiz, etc.


Switching on house lights, thermostat control, interaction with all intelligent devices connected to the voice assistant.


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