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Mobile App development and implementation

Looking for a company to develop your app, for Android platform, iOS, Windows Phone?
Metide builds the solution tailored to you.
No app is the same as another, we offer tailor-made products that are highly customised and performing.

We build native mobile applications, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.
The app development for smartphones and tablets is the ground on which we have grown since the birth of these technologies in Italy.
We have gained a strong experience in developing apps for iOS, Android, Windows always respecting the logic and guidelines of the native operating systems. We pay particular attention to proposing solutions that are both intuitive and functional.
We take care of the image and design of the interfaces with competence and passion and we aim for the highest quality of the App.

Native Mobile Apps

Native applications integrate seamlessly with the operating system and are able to communicate with the hardware of the device by interacting, for example, with the camera, gyroscope or accelerometer, allowing you to take advantage of all the features of the instrument. The native app is downloaded from the official stores and is also working in off-line mode. Performance is always optimized.
We support all the phases that lead to the creation of the app, starting from the design up to the publication on the official stores such as Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Marketplace.


We create applications for smartphones and tablets on the Android platform. The interfaces are dynamic and adapted to the different screen sizes of Android devices.
We create apps for smartwatch and Google TV.


We create applications for iPhone and iPad in line with Apple’s technical specifications. We aim for solutions that take advantage of the features of the devices.
We make apps for iWach and Apple TV.


We create applications for smartphones and tablets on Microsoft platform. We create apps for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Windows RT.
Porting and conversion from other platforms, multi-platform and cross-platform applications.

We program in Android and Java.

We program in Objective-C or Swift.

We program in C# language.

Cross-Platform App

We develop Cross-platform apps with Xamarin.



Development through Xamarin is the solution to reduce the time required for development and maximizes diffusion, for apps that want to be present on all platforms. Using the C# language, we create apps with native user interfaces and suitable for each operating system.

Web App

We create Web apps that work on all mobile platforms.

The language used for this type of application is that of web applications (HTML5, Javascript, CSS); a web app simulates the appearance of a native app, but uses the device’s browser and requires an internet connection for proper operation.
They are therefore only accessible online in responsive mode.
The interaction with the hardware and software of the device is very limited as it does not interface with the API of the operating system.

Hybrid app

We create hybrid apps for all mobile platforms.

They are proposed as an intermediate solution between Native App and Web App: the hybrid apps are installed on the device and at the same time are using the language of the web such as HTML5 and Javascript.
They are easily replicable on different operating systems and partly use the platform’s native language. They can be published on official stores but have less fluidity and performance than native apps.
They have limited access to the operating system and device hardware.

app nativa-ibrida-web

Areas of application

What all our products have in common is their uniqueness: we design ad hoc apps, we customize our work as much as possible to give the best response to each customer. We have experience in developing mobile applications in different fields: from production management through to the latest generation of tools, to the support of marketing plans aimed at involving consumers, up to urban utility solutions.

The challenges, the unusual proposals, the invitation to think outside the box do not scare us, but fascinate us and stimulate us; we like to turn every idea into a digital opportunity.
For a company that is competitive in the market, investing in mobile applications is a strategy that opens the door to new growth opportunities.


Loyalty and interaction with the end customer.
Better results thanks to satisfactory experience with the app and the product.


Improved performance of employees and collaborators. Real-time reporting and monitoring of business productivity.


Innovative learning and e-learning tools, which allows for the consultation of multimedia material at a distance and from any device.

Step di sviluppo

Our working method for the app development foresees the constant reference to the customer, both to better analyze the possible uses of the application, and to identify the key steps of the process of construction of the solution.

We support the customer in the after-sales service through a scalable range of support and maintenance services.





Our competence to respond to your needs

At a time when the fruition of digital content mainly passes through applications designed for portable devices, the choice to equip oneself with an app as a technological tool is a fundamental step in the logic of a company. Developing apps for portable devices means unifying the set of methodologies and technologies currently available, with a constant focus on innovation.

The use of marketing techniques such as gamification, proximity solutions and augmented reality, combined with architectures developed with care, allow us to provide adequate responses to our customers.


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