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We have met the demands for applications in the most varied sectors; below is a selection of the areas that have motivated us most.

Consumer Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for end customers.

The improvement of the consumer shopping experience, especially in the store, facilitates purchases and simplifies the retrieval of information that reaches the customer directly on the mobile device.

The mobile tool is a source of performance in the retail sector, while at the same time favouring the e-commerce and in-app purchase market; direct sales are favoured by the simplicity of the medium and the immediacy of the purchase process.

Consult us if you are planning to tackle a project in one of these areas:

Fidelity cards, point and prize competitions, push advertising and notifications, proximity marketing, support and customer care, geolocation of points of sale or digital catalogues.


Benefits for your business:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Creating a community passionate about your brand
  • Collection of data on purchasing habits

We worked for and with:

  • Retailers and companies producing consumer goods
  • Monobrand shops, franchising
  • Service companies (utility providers, Finance/Banking sectors)
  • Car manufacturers
  • Media and news aggregators
  • Commercial and catering activities

Business Solutions

Many companies are equipping themselves with mobile solutions to meet the needs of mobile work or to improve the customer experience.
We create tools that help to work efficiently with internal and external collaborators through applications for tablets and smartphones.

Our solutions respond in an advanced and original way to the performance needs of every type of company, whether it deals with services to the citizen (such as municipal companies providing services), or for companies that have the growth of the business as their end goal.

Contact us to learn more about any of these business solutions:

Productivity tools, shared calendars, events and appointments scheduling, intervention documents and manuals, data collection and recording systems.

Benefits for your business:

  • Increased revenue
  • Streamlined and constantly monitored processes
  • Rapid fault management
  • Preventive maintenance of machinery
  • Automation of procedures
  • Optimisation of production costs
mobile business

Internet Of Things Solutions

The term “Internet of Things” refers to a variety of everyday objects capable of interacting and exchanging data with external systems; examples include wearable devices, smart washing machines, cars equipped with automatic steering systems or utility meters that record consumption. Millions of devices connected to the Internet can interact with each other, communicating data and accessing information made available by others.

Any object can become smart if associated with radio frequency identification labels (Rfid) or QR codes and connected to the network.

There are many areas of application of the IoT, in particular, Metide has developed solutions for:

  • Home automation
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Surveillance
  • App for user services

We develop Internet of Things solutions for companies, making it possible to monitor costs, consumption and productivity in real time; interaction with machinery or control systems even remotely; organization of maintenance cycles, service tickets and failures. Ideal tools for the management of internal and external teams and to facilitate interventions on the move.

The benefits for your business will be reduced intervention costs and maximized information transfer times and intervention timeliness.

Contact us to discuss your IoT project and learn more about it:

  • Smart products
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Control and automation of industrial machinery
  • Logistics and merchandise tracking
  • Monitoring of costs and consumption
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Energy
  • Connected Car

Our proposals in the field of Iot are scalable, customizable and integrate with software systems already existing in your company.

app metide

App for the management of the electricity grid developed by Metide.

Smart City

Smart cities are a set of strategies to optimise and innovate public services based on the needs of its citizens, businesses and institutions. Communication, mobility, environmental and energy efficiency technologies are being used.

Smart city strategies can be used to inform citizens about transport, safety, road conditions and updates on the territory, such as events or geolocalized news.

We have experience in these areas:

  • Parking lots – payment monitoring
  • Weather
  • Public and private transport
  • Sport and leisure time
  • Data collection on energy consumption
smart city

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